Richland Center City Council June 5th Meeting

The impact of the April 13th hail storm on property owned by the City of Richland Center was significant. It was reported at the June 5th city council meeting that city property suffered $85,000 in hail damage.

Insurance will cover $81,000. Some adjustments will be made as to where monies for repairs will be used. One adjustment was with the pool bath house at Krouskop Park. The roof had $14,000 worth of damage. Since the bath house will be replaced with the new aquatic center, only the skylights will be replaced on the current building for the summer with the remaining money going towards a much needed roof on the Depot. The council will also be looking at a budget amendment for money which was allocated for the Brewer Public Library roof. The original amount allocated to put on a new roof was $60,000, but after the hail storm, the insurance company will be paying $40,000 toward the replacement leaving the $40,000 of the $60,000 budgeted still in the account. The council will be discussing a budget amendment to reallocate the $40,000 at a future meeting.

Panorama Estate took another step forward with council approval of the Certified Survey Map for the project. The street leading into the development was named Panorama Court.

The Richland Center City Council approved the purchase of a snowblower by the street department at a cost of $99,330 which is just under the $100,000 budgeted for. Approval was given to the street department to apply for a grant for a new street sweeper. Grants can run between $60,000 and $70,000. The cost for a new sweeper is around $270,000. And approval was given for the formation of a ad hoc committee to review and make recommendations for changing the ordinance related to the regulation of signs. The purpose is to remove barriers for businesses.

The city council also approved to advertise for bids to raze two dilapidated buildings in Richland Center. The buildings are located at 442 South James Street and 650 Pleasant View Court.

Mayor Mike Kaufman also presented two proclamations at last night’s meeting. The first was to John Poole for his 23 years of service on the Police Commission. The second was for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15th.