Plant for the Pantry

Whether you harvest extra produce this growing season or you would simply like to plant a little extra for others in need, the Richland Community Food Pantry hopes growers will consider donating those fresh items this year.

The food pantry is again running its “Plant for the Pantry” campaign, inviting gardeners to put a few extra seeds in the ground to help the patrons of the local food pantry. The food pantry does receive fruits and vegetables from Second Harvest in Madison and also works with the local grocers to purchase produce, however, officials with the food pantry are gladly accepting donations of home-grown produce from the community.

There is no sign-up necessary for growers interested in participating in “Plant for the Pantry”. If they have extra items, producers can simply bring them to the Town & Country Presbyterian Church in Richland Center on Wednesdays prior to distribution, which runs from 4:00 PM until 5:30 PM. Anyone with questions about donating to the Richland Community Food Pantry or about the pantry's operations can call them at (608) 475-3967.