Richland Center City Council October 2nd Meeting

Deer are a problem, not only in Richland County, but in the city as well. The City of Richland Center took a first step in an Urban Deer Management Plan at the meeting on October 2nd.

At the request of Alderman John Collins, John Cler, Chair of Richland County’s Deer Advisory Council, reported to the city council that Richland County does have a deer problem. He stated a proper deer population should be 25 to 30 deer per square mile. Richland County averages 63 deer per square mile. Cler has worked on an urban deer plan from Eau Claire to fit the needs of Richland Center. Each member of the council will review the plan for discussion at the next council meeting.

A public hearing was held to consider approval of an application from Richland Center Building/Triple S Transportation LLC to renew a conditional use permit for an open sales lot of storage buildings, barns, sheds and garage packages at 1651 US Highway 14 East. Following only a few positive comments of the current business, the council approved renewing the application for five years.

In other action items the Richland Center City Council approved a driveway permit application from Tim Miller for property at 1200-1/2 North Church Street; a picnic license application from Southwest Partners for a wine walk to be held October 26; an amendment to the ATV/UTV Route to give Allison Park residents access. The route will travel from the intersection of 8th Street and Main Street north on Highway 80 to North Park, through the park to Eldon Storer Drive and stopping at Fern Street. The route will be a posted 10 mile per hour speed limit with access for local residents only.