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The Last Day Of School In 1975

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

By this time in 1975 I was out of school and ready to dream up ways to get out of work.  When it would rain I would get a day off to go to the music store and make mix tapes.  My sister Sue graduated from high school that Spring and soon would be going away to school.  I was making plans to lay claim to any 45 records that might have been hers.  There were so many great songs on the radio.  Many of these tunes I still love to hear including:  Jackie Blue-Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Killer Queen-Queen,  Sister Golden Hair-America, Bad Time-Grand Funk, Magic-Pilot,  Shining Star-Earth Wind & Fire, and Philadelphia Freedom-Elton John.  The number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 was He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)  by Tony Orlando & Dawn.  While I like the original, (He Will Break Your Heart by Jerry Butler)  I have always been a fan of the remake.  I liked the T.O. & Dawn variety show on television and I have always been partial to the arrangement of their number one hit from the Spring of 1975.  I remember cool dudes with c.b. radios talking back and forth that year.  If they taped the switch open, they could lay the c.b. mic on the car speaker and listen to music on the p.a. speaker outside the car.  I remember walking through a parking lot and hearing Bad Time by Grand Funk playing over someones c.b. system.  We will drive back to 1975 Saturday night during Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9.  Bring along your pet rock.

I will be back in the studio this Saturday night for more musical memories.  Please give me a call.  We will be featuring trivia questions and the best pop and rock tunes from the fifties through the eighties.  Thanks again to Kent Kotal and his almost daily blog  Last weeks 'What's The Name Of That Song' show has received great reviews.  It was fun to play a few hits we haven't played for a while and a few of them aired for the first time.  Thanks to Kent for giving us the playlist.



What's The Name Of That Song?

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

This Saturday night on WRCOs' Those Were The Days we will team with the website for a look at great songs that have titles that are not mentioned in the lyrics.  For a better explanation, here is a list of a few of the great songs that we will shut in the 'Close And Play' on WRCO FM 100.9:

Bohemian Rhasody-Queen, D'yer Maker-Led Zeppelin, For What It's Worth-Buffalo Springfield, Space Oddity-David Bowie, Snoopy vs. The Red Baron-Royal Guardsmen, Uneasy Rider-Charlie Daniels, Ode To Billie Joe-Bobbie Gentry, The Weight-The Band, Land Of 1,000 Dances-Cannibal And The Headhunters and many more!  A full six hour episode of songs that are well known, however, you may not be aware of the titles.  This idea came to us directly from Kent Kotal's web site.  It was a monthly Sweet 16 feature during the almost-daily blog.  Check out this amazing site.  I do every chance I get.   We will not be taking your requests this Saturday night.  That portion of the show returns next Saturday night (May 21st).  Have an awesome weekend.






Records My Mama Bought Me

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

In the early 1970's my mother learned that the best way to deal with a problem child was to bribe him.  The best way to get me to the barber's chair, help with chores, or behave in Church was to offer the chance to pick out a sixty-three cent forty-five record or $4.99 album.  It planted a seed which grew into a life long hobby of collecting music.  Mom helped me buy records that I still play on the air today.  Most have been converted to a digital format.  I remember her letting me buy the three album set 'Wings Over America' which chronicled Paul McCartney & Wings tour of 1976.  I must have really needed an attitude adjustment for her to spend that much on me.  During this Mothers Day weekend, I need to say thank you to her for all of the sacrifices and all of the vinyl.  Join me this Saturday night for Those Were The Days featuring the best of the fifties through the eighties.  This weekend on WRCO FM 100.9 I will play a few songs with mama or mother featured in the title or song lyrics.  Dedicate a song to your mom or to yourself.  Win a trivia prize for you or your mom!  I hope you will check in with me.  Happy Mothers Day.


Philip James Nee!

"yes mother"?




Hot Wheels In 1968

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

Back in 1968 I was driving my first wheels.  I got a Hot Wheels car set with the Super Charger that would push the cars through and around the track.  It never worked like it did on television.  The kids in the commercial would laugh with glee as their car went upside down through the loop de loop.  My cars had trouble making the corner before they ever got to the upside down portion of the track.  My Slinky never walked down more than two stairs in a row.  The only reliable toys I owned were my G.I. Joe and my Billy Blastoff action figure.  I was playing with all of these toys in the upstairs of the old farm house while great songs from the Spring of 1968 were coming out of the radio speaker.  Tunes such as:  Lady MaDonna-The Beatles, (Sittin On) The Dock Of The Bay-Otis Redding, Cry Like A Baby-Box Tops, Dance To The Music-Sly & The Family Stone, and many more.  This Saturday night during WRCOs'  Those Were The Days radio show we will park with the radio tuned to 1968 for a while.  I will be in the studio for a time to take your requests from all of the decades and genres that we play from.  We will be throwing some trivia questions at you as well.  We will talk with members of the Madison, Wisconsin based band known as the Gentlemen.  They will be playing a 50th anniversary show at Chief's Tavern on Cottage Grove Road in Madison this Saturday night.  Hear some of their memories during our Saturday night Those Were The Days show on WRCO FM 100.9.



Streaking Through April 1974

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

Streaking is a fad I never took part in.  One time during the Summer of 1974 my swim trunks (which had a faulty draw string) slipped off while I was doing the mud crawl in the Willow Creek.  I did run nakedly back through the woods to the farm house before anyone saw me.  Technically that might qualify as streaking, however, I did not run naked on purpose.  Other than streaking, the Spring of 1974 had many pop culture highlights.  I loved watching American Bandstand, Don Kershner's In Concert, and the Midnight Special.  There were not very many chances to see what the singers on the radio looked like.  When we saw them on television, we were sometimes disappointed and other times impressed.  There were no video recording possibilites so I had to stay awake.  Sometimes I would fall asleep and miss the Midnight Special.  I would often wake up to the sound of gunfire as reruns of The Riflemen would air following my favorite show.  Chuck Conners trusty firearm would tell me I had just missed Steely Dan, Olivia Newton John, Brownsville Station, Gladys Knight & The Pips, and the Wolfman on the Midnight Special.  I would than have to hope to see the show as a rerun in the Summer.  April of 1974 featured many great 45 RPM records.  My favorites included:  Bennie & The Jets-Elton John, Hooked On A Feeling-Blue Suede, Come And Get Your Love-Redbone, Oh My My-Ringo Starr, The Loco-Motion-Grand Funk, Dancing Machine-The Jackson Five, Jet-Wings, and Let It Ride-B.T.O. You will hear a few of these this weekend.

Join the rock and roll party this Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9 during Those Were The Days.  I will be in the studio between 6 p and Midnight to collect your requests and man the 'Close & Play'.  We will ring the trivia cow bell once per hour.  Lets get together Saturday night.



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