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Remembering 1966 On The Charts

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

Hey Rock & Rollers!  This Saturday night I will be digging out the biggest records from 1966.  On WRCO FM 100.9 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of an awesome year for popular culture.  It was a fantastic year for movies, television, cars, junk food and music on the radio.  The Monkees debuted in the Fall of 1966.  Other debuts came from the Mamas And The Papas, Association,  Tommy James And The Shondells, Simon And Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, Young Rascals, and Chicagos' own New Colony Six.  I will countdown forty of the greatest tunes of the year during Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9 this Saturday night.  We will also be spinning a few tunes by Wisconsin groups.  Hold on to those requests.  We will not be taking those this time, however, the hot line will reopen next Saturday night.  Enjoy your weekend in Southwest Wisconsin and remember to listen to Those Were The Days Saturday night.



Mobile DJ Lost In 1984

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

This week during WRCOs' Saturday night old rock and roll party I will be spinning your requests and stopping the 'Magic Maverick' so we can go parking in 1984.  During that year I was spinning vinyl records and cassette tapes at bars, wedding dances, class reunions,  high school dances, softball parks, and even a few fun house parties! I was making a whopping $50.00 a night and dropping that money back into buying all of the latest music.  When I play songs on the radio now like Footloose, I often flash back to some of those fun nights.  When the Van Halen song 'Jump' came out in early 1984, I remember spinning for a dance at Reedsburgs' Webb High School and they had a contest to see who could do the best 'flying v-kick' like Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth.  Air guitar contests were also popular that year.  Even now while I am playing tunes on WRCO FM 100.9 I still play a mean air guitar!  I hope you will suggest some fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties songs for me to play during our six hour Those Were The Days radio show this Saturday night.


Phil Nee

March Of 1971 Fun And Frolic

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

This Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9 I will be spinning classic rock and roll songs from the fifties through the eighties.  You can contribute to the playlist when you give me a call.  I will lug my cd cases and my phongraph records into the booth at WRCO and we will have a rock and roll party.  Let's take the 'Magic Maverick' automobile back to 1971 and park with the radio on.  The middle of March in 1971 had a great variety of artists with big hits including:  Janis Joplin, Tom Jones, Ike & Tina Turner, Partridge Family, Jackson Five, Grass Roots, and Cat Stevens. 

We always had the radio on in the house and in the barn during those days.  That helped fuel my love of music.  I can still remember where I was standing in the barn while hearing a certain song for the first time or where we were at when a song came on the truck radio.  It was a great time to grow up.  When we fire those old songs up again Saturday night, being grown up is only optional.  I will be remembering a Spring of fun and *frolic on the farm.




To play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically.

"Philip frolicked on the farm for the first time that Spring while his rooster 'Speckled Pete' was lurking and ready to scratch the boys pasty white legs.



March Of 1976

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

This Saturday night during Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9 we will feature a tribute to this weekend in 1976.  I can't believe it has been forty years since that great time in Top Forty radio.  As Spring was coming on in 1976, I was tuning my AM radio late at night and capturing all kinds of sounds from all over the country and Canada.  Songs that I was recording on my Panasonic tape recorder included:  December 1963 (Oh What A Night)-Four Seasons,  Love Machine-Miracles,  Dream Weaver-Gary Wright, Lonely Night (Angel Face)-Captain & Tennille, Dream On-Aerosmith, and many more.  The seventies decade often gets bad mouthed because of disco music.  I loved so many songs from that era and I still do today. Memories of getting my three speed bike out for the first time and dad getting ready for field work will be back in my mind when I hear some of those '76 tunes.  I hope you will return with me to those sweet days of yesteryear during Those Were The Days.  I will be in the studio to take your requests and to quiz you this Saturday night.



This Saturday night on WRCOs' Those Were The Days, we will recognize more Top Forty radio gems.  English singer Tony Burrows was the voice of five different groups with five seperate hits in the late sixties and early seventies.  Hear Tony talk about each hit during our six hour broadcast on FM 100.9 Saturday night.  His vocal talents graced hits by Edison Lighthouse (Love Grows Where Rosemary Goes), White Plains (My Baby Loves Loving), Brotherhood Of Man (United We Stand),  The Pipkins (Gimme Dat Ding), and First Class (Beach Baby).  I hope you will help me program the airwaves.  Give me a call Saturday night (not a text or tweet).  We are old school!  It would not be as much fun if I couldn't talk to the listeners.  Many times when you request a song, I can tell you if we have it, if it fits our format, or if I have already played it.  It is harder to communicate that if I am trying to answer through other media.  Saturday nights are busy enough and the 'Solid Gold' Dancers are working the dance floor and they are not much help to me.  I will be in the studio Saturday night to take down the titles of your favorite songs from the fifties through the eighties and perhaps you will be one of the six trivia winners!



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I bought all of the Beatles albums in the seventies. They r timeless.
1973 is one of the best years for popular music! I am glad you will be there Saturday.
See you next year Phil. Happy New Year to you and all the staff.
Jeff Peper