Birthdays & Anniversaries
Birthdays & Anniversaries

Like to include a birthday or anniversary to be read on the air? Please use this form. Birthdays are read at approximately 7:35 AM Monday - Saturday and 8:20 AM Sunday. Please submit no later than 7:15 AM on the day you want it read. All fields must be completed. Don't hesitate to include a pronouncer to help us say your name right! ****** IMPORTANT: We suggest that you submit birthdays and anniversaries NO MORE THAN ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. It helps us assure that information is current. Thanks!*******

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Each week, we will award a half-dozen cupcakes from Samantha's Sweets to the couple married the longest whose anniversary we read on the air. In case this anniversary is the most years this week, please provide a contact telephone number. We will only use it to contact the winning couple.

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