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Summertime Memories

July 10, 2024 8:51 AM CDT

There is nothing like summer. Hanging out with family and friends and making new memories. Some of my favorite old memories go back to those sunny days of my youth. Growing up on the farm, we worked hard but also appreciated some down time. Music made the chores go faster and I always had my Panasonic AM radio with me trying to catch the latest tunes. On a rainy day, dad would take us fishing and I would have my ear bud plugged into the radio. Fishing bored me (because I rarely caught anything) but the radio entertained me. At night I would imagine what was going on in the big cities and in Canada as the d.j.’s talked up their cities and played all the hits. It brought the world to the Willow Valley family farm.

Saturday night during Those Were the Days on WRCO, we can get bare foot and crazy again when we hear some of the biggest hits of days gone by. I will be spinning the biggest hits that made the charts during those long-ago summer days. The biggest summer hit of the fifties was Don’t Be Cruel by Elvis, Tossin and Turnin by Bobby Lewis was tops in the sixties, My Sharona by the Knack was the biggest of the seventies, and When Doves Cry from Prince was the biggest summer record of the eighties. Maybe you have a song you remember from those sunny days? Let me know on Saturday night. Perhaps you will win one of our major awards when we play trivia on Those Were the Days between six and midnight on Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9, WRCO.com, and on the Civic Media app.


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