Starting Something Good!

We’re off to a great start to see if the Moline can start something good. The Moline's ability to start may be in question, but it’s a great start for GRACE (Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination). The Richland County Beef Producers have stepped up to match our $1,000 match for donors supporting "Our Will it Start?" fundraiser for GRACE. The match means that with $2,000 of community donations, GRACE will receive $4,000. You can donate online at walkwithgrace.com . Be sure to choose WRCO Moline Start in the Team Name drop-down. You can mail a gift to GRACE at PO Box 213, Richland Center, WI 53581. And, you can donate to GRACE at Richland County Bank. Thanks for caring and helping GRACE give a new start to our friends and neighbors battling cancer. Make sure your WRCO Moline Start donations are in by Friday, April 2, when we turn the key in the old Moline R!