It seems that we have celebrated many fifty year milestones of iconic events during the last couple of years.  Last year marked fifty since man walked on the moon and Woodstock.  This year we mark a half century since Apollo 13, the Beatles breakup and final new record,  and the album Tommy.  On this Saturdays' Those Were The Days radio show, I will take a look at the Billboard chart hits from this weekend in 1970.  That year saw the debut of soft rock acts such as; Bread, Carpenters, and Dawn.  Singer songwriters such as James Taylor, Neil Diamond, and Joni Mitchell had lots of success.  Motowns' Stevie Wonder, Supremes, and the Spinners were on the charts.  Creedence Clearwater Revival was the top band in the land.  The year of 1970 was a great year for music and on WRCO FM 100.9 we will spotlight all that was going on in pop culture fifty years back. 

Join us for the usual trivia features, requests, and the adventures of the WRCO Solid Gold Dancers.  I am proud to hear about the family gatherings that feature all ages listening to the radio.  That is truly 'old school'.  Last Saturday night we had a trivia winner that will be going into 8th grade this school year.  That made me happy as that will mean the music I love and enjoy may live on for at least another generation.  Congratulations to our winner, Jay, who will be going to the Starlite Drive-In in Richland Center to enjoy the Encore Live Metallica concert this Saturday night after winning the giveaway last weekend.  He wont be able to listen all of Those Were The Days this week on FM 100.9, but I know he is going to be jamming with friends at the outdoor. 

I will be working all week for Saturday night!  Please give me a call between six and midnight and we will talk!