Back in the eighties, I was a legend on the baseball and softball diamonds.  Noone had seen a player like me.  I had the ability to make an outstanding play and than drop a routine pop up.  I did much better playing the hits on my record players.  I could get a good hit once in a while.  Like my career on the diamond, the 80's had a lot of one hit phenoms!  This week on Those Were The Days, we will play the Top Ten 80's One Hit Wonders.  This will be a fun countdown and if you would like to hear an 80's gem or any tune you can think of from the first 40 years of rock and roll, please give me a call.  I watched a lot of MTV when I wasn't playing softball or annoying the ladies.  When I hear some of those 80's hits, I can picture the cheesy videos that went with them.

Give me a call and we can talk about old times this Saturday night.  We will feature the usual trivia treats.  Tell your friends that they can listen to Those Were The Days live on line.  You can do a special long distance request.  Between six and midnight Saturday night you can hear the greatest grooves ever on FM 100.9.  Those Were The Days, my friend.