One of the most successful movie soundtracks was released to the music buying public in November of 1977.  Saturday Night Fever became a box office movie smash when it was released late that year.  The music from the movie was released a month before and contained many hits.  Some had already been radio smashes and others would become well known because of the John Travolta motion picture.   The music was made primarily from 1975 through 1977.  This Saturday night during Those Were The Days, I will spotlight some of those disco classics!  Our 'Solid Gold Dancers' should be in fine form!  They will have 'Night Fever' and hopefully will be 'Stayin' Alive.  It will be a 'Disco Inferno' when they put on their 'Boogie Shoes!'  It will be an honor to play your favorite hits on the radio this Saturday night during Those Were the Days on WRCO FM 100.9.  I will be back in the studio to assemble all of your requests from the fifties through the eighties.  Whenever the cow bell rings, we will hit you with a trivia question.  I hope you enjoyed last weeks shows which featured favorites from 1977 and 1972.  While the show was on Memorex, I was spending the weekend with my bride and some friends.  While in Galena, I came face to face with a music maker by the name of Jim Post.  He was a part of the dou 'Friend & Lover'  which had the 1968 hit 'Reach Out Of The Darkness'.   I interviewed him on the phone years ago.  It was great to chat about his career in person.  He still performs his Mark Twain show in Galena.  Check him out sometime!     I will talk with you Saturday night between six and Midnight.  Thank you for reading this.