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Springtime Fun in '81

Spring had arrived in 1981 and while dad was planting oats, I was feeling mine.  Young love was blooming everywhere and my first steady girl friend was my primary focus.  Attempting to play baseball and socializing by the bleachers in the old Ithaca gymnasium were among my favorite things.  I was the designated hitter for Coach Elroy Pampuch's Varsity baseball team.  As I made the pitching in the Ridge and Valley conference look better, I had lots of songs playing in my head. Even though I was true to her, my girl friend bought me the REO Speedwagon album 'High Infidelity'  as a present.  I still have the album today, but she and I broke up when she went away to college that fall.  It was a good move for her but she didn't get any more cool mix tapes from me.   Back to the music...some of my favorite tunes from the Spring of '81 include:  I Can't Stand It-Eric Clapton,  Just Between You and Me-April Wine,  Too Much Time On My Hands-Styx,  Hearts On Fire-Randy Meisner,  You Better You Bet-The Who,  Turn My Loose-Loverboy, and I Love You-Climax Blues Band.

Go back with me to the Spring of 1981 this Saturday night during Those Were the Days on WRCO FM 100.9 and  I will be spinning all of your favorites from the fifties through the early 1990s (the original vinyl era).  You could win some cool prizes during our trivia games between six and midnight Saturday night.  Saturday will be April Fools day.  I sure hope you don't fall for any tomfoolery.  

Phil-IHS Designated Hitter 1981 Ithaca Bulldogs

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Saturday, June 10 2023

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