In 2018 we featured a countdown of top albums from the rock and roll years.  At that time, I asked for listener votes so that another countdown could be featured at a later date.  This Saturday night, during Those Were The Days, you will be able to hear Southwest Wisconsins' favorite albums.   The list features albums from 1965 through the late 80's.  Groups such as Queen, the Cars,  Def Leppard, Steve Miller Band,  Journey, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones,  C.C.R., and Pink Floyd all will be well represented along with many more.  It will be a special Labor Day weekend feature from WRCO FM 100.9.  I hope that you will tune in Saturday night between six and midnight.  Every song that we play will be a winner.  You will hear some of the best known tracks from the best albums of all time.  We will not be taking your requests during this weekends show.  That feature will return next time.

I was always a fan of the 45 and for a poor farm boy a 98 cent record was what I could afford.  If I was patient, I could save my chore money and spend $3.98 for an entire album.  A greatest hits album would give me the most bang for my buck, however, some releases had enough good songs which made them like a best song compilation.  There were times when I would borrow an album from a friend and tape it on cassette.  After a few listens, I would determine whether it was worth spending the extra dough to buy it.  Thousands of albums later, I still get a thrill when I buy a vinyl record and play it for the first time.  

Have a safe and a relaxing Labor Day weekend.  I hope you will join the fun Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9 during our Those Were The Days show.