It was the fall of 1980.  I was a rough, tough, ( in my mind), center on the Ithaca football team.  There was a lot of responsibility expected of me.  My job was to snap the ball and help protect the quarterback.  If I could fall just right, I could slow down the nose guard just enough to give the qb more time.  It did take the defense a little longer to step over me as I lay on and sometimes in the sod.  The center always wound up at the bottom of the pile especially on extra points and field goals.  As I was being used as a chisel plow by the other team, there were many great songs from 1980 running through my brain.  Some of my favorites from this weekend in 1980 include:  Emotional Rescue-Rolling Stones,  I'm Alright-Kenny Loggins,  All Over The World-E.L.O.,  Hot Rod Hearts-Robbie Dupree,  Let My Love Open The Door-Pete Townsend,  Drivin' My Life Away-Eddie Rabbitt,  Boulevard-Jackson Browne,  and Take Your Time (Do It Right)-S.O.S. Band.  With those great tunes in my head, I wonder how I even remembered the count to snap the ball!

This Saturday night on my radio show, Those Were The Days, I will be playing some of the hot hits from 1980 and the tunes from all of the decades that we feature.  The request line will be open again and I will be hosting trivia contests during the six hour show.  If you have friends and relatives outside of the big broadcast signal of WRCO FM 100.9, let them know that Those Were The Days can now be heard worldwide!  Go to this website ( and look for the headphones.  Make sure you click on 100.9 and you will be able to hear WRCO programs whereever you are.  I hope to talk with you on Saturday night between six and midnight.  We will keep on rockin'.